Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit
Hira Prayer Kit

Hira Prayer Kit

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At the top of Jabal al-Noor is a cave of Hira. Where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) first received the revelation. The design for Hira is fun and colorful. 

Deluxe Prayer Kit Includes:

25” x 39” Padded Prayer Mat 

Printed canvas and 100% cotton backside. 

Polyester filling

Hand wash in cold water and tumble dry on low

Dry-erase My Weekly Prayer Tracker

Marker with holder

String for easy displaying

My Dua Journal 

A weekly Dua journal for the week

Easy fill in the blank templates

My Dhikr Bag with 33-bead Wooden Tasbeeh and dhikr card

High-grade colored wooden beads 

Strong fiber string

Suede tassel

100% Cotton printed dhikr drawstring pouch

Pvc dhikr card


2” x 5” pvc bookmark with tassel 



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Disclaimer: Please note that prayer mats are hand-stitched and may vary slightly in size and stitching. Colors may vary due to the nature of lighting and editing in pictures. Please follow wash instructions to ensure the long life of your product. Over time the prayer mats may become flat. 

Wooden tasbeeh are handmade with premium wooden beads and are safe for children 4 and older to use. It is not suitable to be used as a teether. Please exercise precaution and supervise children when they are using the tasbeeh. Sujood is not liable for any injury or damages caused by using this product in ways that are not recommended. 

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